July 18, 2019, The summer is sweet, that's why I made y'all a "celebration for cause" playlist.

However, when I said crimlaw, I meant west coast. Shouldn't come as a big surprise: sects, crypto fraud, dark web, cyber-crime, and a monument of Jordan's Pizza Shop among other things.

My deep love for tech leads me to the realization that current artificial intelligence can solve and eradicate implicit biases that undermine access to justice for vulnerable persons. Also, I believe that we need more stringent tests for police informants. Existing algorithms can and should be applied to filter out fake informants through the doctrine of corroboration.

As for EDM, If you think that it takes two concussions to engage with it sans supplementing on some loser drug from yesteryear, then fine. Blessed be the concussions. Still, if you can't produce sober, it's not in you. I don't want no amateurs dying on my watch. Look at GenZ, you might actually learn something.

May 22, 2019, With the blessing of both Bankruptcy Court and Superintendent, our new label Sunami Records has acquired title to 700 songs, abandoned online by the trustee in the bankruptcy of Mile End Records for creditors to freely use and exploit.

One may wonder, if you can just take anything online and use it, why run for legal title? I agree. The difference lies in what happens when you get sued. Without title, you're limited by statutory restrictions on user-generated content (no commercial use). A couple of judgments ratifying an abandonment that would otherwise be infringement get you a solid defense if you get sued for commercial use. This is how you legally take user-generated out of its non-commercial pit.

In this historic turn of events, I can only say that so far, the adversarial process of our justice system has worked out wonders for me. Strategically losing certain battles has made me win a war.

April 18, 2019, This final application copyrights the story of the underlying case that got us the award of damages. Its adaptation straight to film aims to document how non-access to justice (a.k.a obstruction) can ultimately end up in a proprietary remedy.

(0) The pilot starts with electronic dance music assets lighting up bankruptcy court. The most boring place on earth turns into an arena of economic effervescence. How?

(1) Episode 1, Credibility Idol. introduces you to the harsh reality of distinctions, exclusions, and preferences based on sex and gender identity. It is your walk through the desert, where you literally feel like you're dying, but in fact are constantly reborn.

(2) Episode 2 centers on the main obstacles of access to justice: deliberate incompetence and "human errors" and how to use them to your advantage. We have identified a list of scenarios shuffling on repeat through several cases, including mine.

(3) Episode 3 expands on artificial intelligence as the "renaissance" of our justice system. There is too much legal tech to cover in just one episode, so we will focus on evidence algorithms, intent recognition robots, and virtual judges.

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