Sunami Dove is the 9th incarnation of Rossita, born at the intersection of film and law, a dystopian trial and collective subconscious rising.

Artist Statement

On October 24, 2018, a litigator was brutally murdered in court. As a result, a filmmaker who had committed suicide 5 years ago, suddenly resurrected. What does a filmmaker who wakes up in the midst of a dystopian litigation? He/she/it starts seeing script, characters, actors, moving images, flickering frames, footage, nothing but footage... "Imma make a film", said the filmmaker.

Two months later, shortly before x-mas, a crisis in the news prompted the litigator to resurrect as well. "Imma write an application", said the litigator.

Since then, there is two of them in a never-ending dialogue. The filmmaker is the male identity, the archetypal control-freak a-hole. The litigator is the female identity, the case architect, balanced reason, and infinite sexiness... both taking orders from one and only one entity, the universal boss, commonly known as The Muse, the source of all inspiration, the one who calls the shots.

The Muse has decided for the application to become the basis of a documentary series on non-access to justice:

(1) The first episode, Credibility Idol. documents the distinctions, exclusions, and preferences based on sex and gender identity in our justice system.

(2) Episode 2 centers on the main obstacles of access to justice: incompetence, "human errors", and overcharging.

(3) Episode 3 expands on artificial intelligence as the only hope to fix incompetence and "human errors". We don't mean to literally replace humans by the latest AI (like we may have once hinted) but human work has to be closely supervised by robot "assistants", in order to give litigants a chance.

(4) Episode 4, Utopia (which may or may not see the day depending on future financing) will be a special on how law school operates in its own idealistic bubble. If only the system reflected what is taught in law school, the world would be a better place.

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